Five thoughts

  1. What will happen to Fashion Police now that Joan is gone??? They can’t replace her with a funny person, because that would just be embarrassing for the replacement since they could never compare. But it has to be funny!
  2. My brother came to visit! Both of my brothers are so sweet with Henry. It’s heartwarming.
  3. Have you seen the commercial about Al and Al’s Budget? That is how I feel about my budget. Major buzzkill.
  4. I’ve considered asking my landlord if I can paint a wall. Am I insane??? Peter totally shut me down and thinks it’s a terrible idea. I’ve never painted a wall before, or even considered painting a wall. It seems hard, but everyone does it, so it can’t be that bad??
  5. I’m blogging because I’m avoiding the primary bulletin board. Seriously, it’s last minute now. Gotta do it.
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One Response to Five thoughts

  1. Paige says:

    We just painted our first wall, and it really wasn’t bad! The kitchen was trickier, but just the plain wall in our library was fast and easy. Mask, paint two coats, remove masking, done! You can do it!

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