Twelve TV thoughts

  1. Jersey Belle: Loved this show the first few episodes, just like it now. Jaime seemed so cool and normal until the adoption thing happened. Not telling her husband made her seem like she was trying to create drama in the show to secure a second season. It was better when she was normal.
  2. Bachelor: Can’t wait to see Chris be the new Bachelor this year. I really liked him, but he might be sort of bland for reality tv.
  3. Mistresses: I thought I was going to quit this show, but I powered through. I like it again! Nothing great, but entertaining enough.
  4. Nathan For You: Love it and hate it. It’s so awkward to watch but it makes me laugh out loud.
  5. RHOOC: Heather is my least favorite, and I hate her bangs. Why is Lizzie a housewife? She doesn’t really fit the mold. Shannon needs to sleep more. Tamra is terrible.
  6. Dallas: Over it.
  7. Extreme Guide to Parenting: It hasn’t seemed very extreme yet, except for the little girl who had to lose three pounds for her jiu jitsu competition.
  8. Last Week Tonight: We like.
  9. Teen Mom 2: If I was Chelsea I would do everything I could to keep Aubrey away from Adam and his entire family. I have no clue why she doesn’t fight for that. I hate that Jenelle’s boyfriend is so awful to Jenelle’s mom. It’s weird that he feels ok about screaming at her. Don’t get it.
  10. The Singles Project: Zzzzzz.
  11. Bachelor in Paradise: LOVE. Obvi. Michelle Money is my favorite. Her Utah accent is off the charts and makes me laugh out loud.
  12. Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills: Over it.
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