Six thoughts

  1. I took a few bags of Henry’s old clothes to a consignment store. It was all stuff that I never liked. I made $53.
  2. With the busy summer we’ve been having I stopped using my elliptical. When I’m busy, exercise is the first thing to go. I get a weekly average of about 11,000 steps on my fitbit these days. I had been averaging 16k-20k. I should get back into it.
  3. We’ve been trying for an embarrassing amount of time to buy a chair for the family room. We know what we want, but finding the look we want, the quality we want, and the price we want is impossible. Who knows if we will ever find one. If you come to our house anytime soon, don’t plan on having a comfortable place to sit.
  4. Speaking of furniture, you should see our kitchen table. Peter bought it at a garage sale for $10 for his bachelor pad when he was 22. When we got married and I inherited the  table, Peter refinished it in an effort to appease me. The chairs don’t match the table because Peter found the chairs in a dumpster. They are bad. Last week I had an Ethan Allen designer here who was about 60 years old and she walked in and said, “Oh! My mother had those same chairs!” That’s how old they are.
  5. Peaches are so good right now.
  6. I totaled my car! Such a huge bummer. We bought a new car, but it’s across the country so hopefully we’ll find a shipper and get it here soon.
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