Ten TV thoughts

  1. Tyrant: We liked it at first, but I think I’m sort of bored with it now.
  2. Leah Remini: Is she Carrie Heffernan in real life, or is that the only character she knows how to play. It’s sort of funny, but she doesn’t even try to act natural. But I’ll always love Carrie!
  3. Working the Engels: Stupid. I only made it through half an episode.
  4. Welcome to Sweden: LOVE! Seriously so funny, but I can’t imagine anyone that didn’t understand Sweden would care at all.
  5. Nathan for You: So awkward it makes me laugh.
  6. Chasing Life: This is a typical ABC Family show. Nothing special. But I really like it because it’s filmed in Boston.
  7. Game of Crowns: I think these women think they are like the Real Housewives. They aren’t.
  8. Botched: I wanted to like this, but it’s sort of boring. I don’t think I would watch if it Paul and Terry weren’t the doctors.
  9. I never get tired of Friends episodes.
  10. Bachelorette: I was watching the finale from my DVR with about a 20 minute delay from the live show. I looked at IG and Andi had spoiled the end! Hello!! So annoying. I was so busy that night, so I shut it off since I already knew who she picked. It took me an entire week to get back to it and finish the episode. The best part was during the ATFR episode when Nick said what had happened in the fantasy suite. Andi was horrified. Duh, Andi, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone.
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