Six Thoughts

  1. This summer has been so busy! I wasn’t expecting it to be, but it has been. I HATE being too busy. Hate it. I like to have a steady stream of things going on, but once I have to start planning out minutes of my day in order to get things done, I’m grumpy.
  2. My new responsibility at church is secretary of the Primary. The worst of my responsibilities is the bulletin board in the Primary room. Our primary has traditionally redone the bulletin board every single month. Every single month! Crafting a bulletin board is SO not my thing.
  3. When Peter is home it’s like vacation for me. He loves to put Henry to bed, give him baths, etc. They play and play and play. When Peter leaves the room Henry chases after him screaming, “Dada! Come!” They have a special bond and it’s adorable.
  4. If you have an unusual name or an unusual spelling, I don’t think you can be upset about people mispronouncing it or misspelling it.
  5. I love the #shareacoke campaign! So fun.
  6. We saw Planes: Fire & Rescue. It was cute. Later I bought the original Planes movie because I thought it would be equally cute, but I don’t think it is. Henry asks for it, but it only holds his interest for about five minutes.
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One Response to Six Thoughts

  1. anna says:

    #2 – My worst day ever as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of LDS was the day I had to do the bulletin in the primary room. I’m not even lying.
    #4 – Amen

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