Four Thoughts

  1. I have sort of been anti-Crocs. I always thought they were sort of ghetto. But now I love them! I spent a long time searching for practical summer shoes for Henry and Crocs seemed to be the best option, so I bought some. They are so great! I’m officially a Crocs fan.
  2. Can you imagine life without text messages? I can’t. It would be terrible. Most the time when my phone rings I’m totally caught off guard. Who calls people anymore??
  3. I typically don’t like store brand dish soap, but I’m not picky between the name brands. Last month I tried Dawn Platinum Power Clean and I was super surprised to realize it is actually better. It honestly cleans my dishes better and faster. And it smells so good!
  4. Speaking of soap, I really hate watered-down hand soap. Gross.
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2 Responses to Four Thoughts

  1. mccallnewland says:

    Crocs really are the most practical summer shoes for toddlers. And Tannon puts water in our hand soap when it’s running low. I HATE it!!!! The first time he did it when we wet newly weds, I was blown away. I had never seen that before.

  2. Torrie says:

    I love Crocs for kids, but would never wear them myself. Ha, I am totally guilty of watering down hand soap… :/

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