Bachelorette — Week 1


  • Steven: Adorable! How could she let this guy go? Loved him.
  • Dylan: This guy totally has potential.
  • Cody: Stupid. Stupid outfit. There is no way that Andi kept him because she wanted to.
  • Craig: This guy is too much.
  • Bradley: Boo, stop singing. This is another one that I doubt Andi actually liked.
  • Josh B: One of the best exits in Bachelor history. “This is stupid.” Ha!
  • Marquel: Couldn’t stand this guy when I saw his picture and read his profile. That outfit was just too stupid. But cookie tasting! Genius! He was so cute and sweet.
  • Tasos: No! I hate that he seems more interesting than he looks in his bio. Can’t stand those stupid earrings and stupid hair, so I hope he leaves sooner than later, even though he seemed super nice and sincere.
  • Nick V: No way. This guy is a a nerdy dude who is too awkward to watch. I do not understand how he got the first impression rose. Such a weird choice.
  • Chris: Love that I picked him as a keeper in Peter’s office pool! He has potential.
  • Marcus: First out of the limo! Mellow, smart and very handsome.
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