Andi’s Bachelorette Contestants

Here are the most unattractive, eye roll worthy, stupidest qualities of each man from his abc bio.

  1. Andrew — “I’ve been told I’m mysterious and kind of like the title.”
  2. Bradley — Relationship deal breaker: recently divorced with children
  3. Brett — He has a mullet in his picture
  4. Brian — Movie: The Notebook
  5. Carl — “My passion is crossfit”
  6. Chris — Biggest date fear: accidental diarrhea
  7. Cody — Occupation: personal trainer
  8. Craig — Worse date memory: puking on her
  9. Dylan — Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this guy
  10. Emil — “I prefer being the center of attention, not sure why.”
  11. Jason — “You know you’ve done something worthwhile if you get some letters after your name.”
  12. JJ — Occupation: pantsapreneur
  13. Josh B. — He thinks hiking is fun
  14. Josh M. — Favorite movies: Gladiator, Troy, Wedding Crashers
  15. Marcus — Music: Third Eye Blind, Coldplay, Enrique Inglesias
  16. Marquel — Stupid profile pic outfit
  17. Mike — Occupation: bartender with an engineering degree (and bad hair)
  18. Nick S. — “When I truely set a goal and my mind is clear on that goal then nothing can stop me. I accomplish my goals.”
  19. Nick V. — Boring
  20. Patrick — Music: Drake
  21. Ron — Boring
  22. Rudie — “My aim when dating is to make my date feel beautiful and amazing.”
  23. Steven — Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this guy
  24. Tasos — His earrings

Peter’s office is doing a Bachelorette Pool. I had to choose two keepers and one loser. I chose Chris and Patrick as keepers and Cody as the loser. I don’t think that Chris and Patrick aren’t necessarily the best choices for Andi, but I decided to be a little more random in my choice this season rather than pick who I actually like the best. Steven and Dylan also have a lot of potential.

I have high hopes for this season!

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