Six tv thoughts

  1. I love the Tonight Show. Almost every single episode is good.
  2. Seth Meyers’ show is sad. I want to like it so much, but I just don’t. Such a shame, because I liked him on SNL but talkshow isn’t his thing.
  3. Fargo: We like!
  4. We both liked Trophy Wife in the beginning. Now not so much. Boring. But we still love Burt!
  5. Playing House: It’s ok for a USA show, but Jessica St. Clair bugs me. She is too over the top all the time. I doubt it will last long.
  6. I’ve watched a few Oprah’s Next Chapter episodes. Beyoncé’s was a total bore. I kept fast forwarding and eventually just quit. I’m sort of a fan of her, so it was disapointing to watch her talk about nothing for a hour. Also Rihanna is the worst. Can’t stand her.
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