Seven TV thoughts

  1. Friends With Better Lives: This will not last. It was mildly funny at some points, but most of the jokes were sex jokes, which is not funny. It’s just as stupid as Two Broke Girls.
  2. New Girl: I’m over it. They just build up on my DVR and it’s too much pressure to get them off.
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This is still one of our favorite comedies right now.
  4. Parenthood: Does every tv show have to have a gay couple, an interracial couple, and an adopted baby? It’s becoming too predictable. Apparently they haven’t decided if they will renew for another season. As much as I like this show, I would not be upset if it ended. I thought they wrapped everything up nicely.
  5. Mixology: I only watched the first episode. It’s fine, but obviously not very captivating because now I have them piling up on the DVR.
  6. Nashville: Why is Zoey’s storyline taking off? I don’t care about her at all. And I still don’t care about Scarlett, even with her new storyline with her mom.
  7. Surviving Jack: I actually sort of liked it. I’m annoyed that it’s another flashback show, but it made me laugh a few times. I expected Christopher Meloni to act like Elliot Stabler, but he didn’t.


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One Response to Seven TV thoughts

  1. Lara says:

    Brooklyn nine-nine is definitely one of our favs right now too. Bummed the season just ended. I used to love Nashville but I’m getting less interested with where there going the last few episodes…they need to step it up a bit.

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