Five TV thoughts

  1. Vampire Diaries: I always thought Vampire Diaries sounded really stupid and I’ve never had any desire to watch it (which is weird, because I’ll watch just about anything). Recently it was recommended to me by my bff who also loves tv, so I thought I’d give it a try. I like it! I’m in the middle of season two.
  2.  Teen Mom 2: Jenelle is such a train wreck. Watching Chelsea try to figure out what to do about Adam is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine having to hand Henry over to someone I didn’t like or trust. Why in the world is Leah so mad at her husband for his out of town job? He’s going to make $40,000 in five weeks, how can she not be grateful for that? She needs to stop pouting and grow up.
  3. Chrisley Knows Best: The first three episodes of this were pretty bad, but the most recent episode about the granddaughter Chloe made me like it. I think I’ll keep watching.
  4. My Five Wives: I’ve been a loyal Sister Wives viewer from the beginning. They are so crazy and make such awful decisions that it’s entertaining to watch. I don’t know if My Five Wives will be as interesting since they seem fairly put together.
  5. Drop Dead Diva: I was happy to see that season 5 was added to Netflix. I watched the first two episodes and was totally bored. I can’t believe they are doing another season. I think this show has run it’s course.
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