Five thoughts

  1. Peter has always been super good at keeping us on a budget. I’m bad at it.
  2. Have you noticed that there is a difference between what is actually in style, and what is in style on Pinterest?
  3. My favorite BBQ here in Texas is a place called Rudy’s. Their meat is divine. BUT their sides are not at all good so eating there is only half satisfying.
  4. Men should not wear tank tops. No men anywhere, ever. Gross.
  5. My house. It needs so much help. I need living room chairs, a dining set, rugs, window treatments, wall hangings, mirrors, office furniture, bedside tables for the guest room, lamps…I could go on and on. Decisions like that are hard for me. If I’m going to spend money, I want to like it for a long time.


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2 Responses to Five thoughts

  1. Paige C says:

    Gah I love Rudy’s! But I actually really like some of their sides — particularly the creamed corn.

  2. Lara says:

    Any man in a tank top totally makes me want to gag.

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