Oscars 2014

  • Giuliana’s dress was too princessy. I never like her hair pulled back like that. I like it either down, or piled up on her head so I can see it.
  • Ryan Seacrest’s suit was stupid and Catt Sadler’s dress looked like a tablecloth.
  • Viola Davis looked great in that emerald green color. Not as great as last year, but still great.
  • Loved the blue streak in Liza Minnelli’s hair! AND her blue outfit.
  • Amy Adam’s hair was terrible. Possibly the worst of the night. I didn’t like her dress either, but her hair was so distracting that I couldn’t even give her dress any credit at all. Jessica Biel’s hair was gross too.
  • Naomi Watts and Calista Flockhart both looked stunning. Loved both dresses. Calista might have been my favorite dress of the night.
  • I didn’t like Cate Blanchett’s dress, which was disappointing because she usually looks so amazing. I never really like the flesh colored look, and I’m not a fan of sheer fabric.
  • Lupita Nyong’o is always looking so good, and I totally loved the color of her dress on her, but I wasn’t in love with the dress itself.
  • Charlize Theron was one of my favorites. So dramatic.
  • Didn’t like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Anna Kendrick or Jessica Biel.
  • Laura Dern, Sandra Bullick, Kerry Washington, and Kristen Bell all looked good.
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