Bachelor — Week 5

Bachelorweek5Renee: She’s adorable. If Renee and JP had met in the real world, they would totally be together. Unfortunately JP’s perspective is skewed because he’s the Bachelor and thinks he way more awesome/hot than he actually is in the real world. Real world JP would be all about Renee. Bachelor JP thinks he deserves a hotter, spunkier version of Renee, like Clare. I wish she would have put her hair up when she was wearing that blue dress. Why do the girls always leave their hair down when they are sweating?! That just makes it worse. Not cute. It’s like watching girls at the gym with their hair down. I just don’t get it.

JP: WHY do bachelor kisses always have hands on faces?!?! Does that really happen in real life? I did like when he got emotional sending people home, that seemed real. Now, about the Clare situation…Um…JP, you are lame. He was obviously a willing party, but then after he had time to think about it he make Clare feel like he only joined in so he wouldn’t hurt her feelings?? No. Uncool. That was a lie in order to cover his embarrassment. I don’t care about what happened, I care about his reaction. Super lame, JP. Super lame.

Nikki: Is she cute? I can’t decide. How many people die from repelling while properly harnessed? Probably very few. Relax, Nikki. Also, I’m glad to know she thinks she is compassionate with a big heart. If you have to say it, can it be true? However, they did seem pretty into each other. I liked their serious talk about her being ready to be a step-mom. He seemed really into what she was saying, which is rare. Normally the girls are forcing those conversations way too early.

Andi: I hate that she complained to him. Twice! It’s one thing to steal him away to get some one-on-one time, but don’t approach him in order to get some sort of validation. Annoying. Is she THAT girl? I hope not, I like her. And I think she might be the hottest in the house.

Clare: That girl knows she’s on camera. She should be an actress. The tears were fake, right? Girlfriend knows how to get attention from a man. JP should send her home for being such a whiny baby drama queen. No one wants a blubbery wife. After he expressed his opinion, she should have shed a tear and moved on. It’s not all about you, Clare.

Sharleen: She wants to be a panda in a room full of brown bears. Gah. I can’t even listen to her talk anymore. And her bedroom eyes. Gross.

I finally feel like we are getting rid of some of the dead weight! We all knew Kelly and Danielle would be gone soon, so it was nice to see them go. I was disappointed about Alli though, I thought she had potential.

New Predictions:

  1. Sharleen will threaten leaving but will end up staying. The whole thing will be a ploy to get JP to beg her to stay and shower her with attention and truly make her feel like the panda she wants to be.
  2. Chelsie will go home. Or maybe Cassandra, but Chelsie is my first guess.
  3. Wouldn’t Andi make an incredible Bachelorette?! I hope she is! I don’t think she and JP are a great match, but I do want to watch her find love with someone else. And she’s hot, which is the most important thing about being the Bachelorette.


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