Bachelor — Week 4

Bachelorweek4First of all, as of last week Peter was in 13th place in his office pool. We will see how we do after this week. As a reminder we have Andi, Alli and Kat as “keepers” and Kelly as a “loser”.

It needs to be noted that my mom is in Texas and watched her very first Bachelor episode ever. I think she liked it. 🙂

Here are my brief thoughts on tonight’s episode:

Kat: Oh man, girlfriend needs to chill. We get it, you like to dance. Her behavior made me wish I hadn’t chosen her as a “keeper” for Peter’s office game. She was annoying. During their one on one chat I was totally not into her. I felt like she was trying really hard to talk about really serious stuff. Those types of conversations should happen organically, and it was way too forced. JP didn’t even seem engaged in what she was saying.

Nikki: Geez. Calm down. I am not on board with hating her like all the rest of the girls seem to right now. She might be negative, but I agree that she was probably just acting real. I mean, they are in an awkward situation that I’m sure isn’t fun. Does she have to be chipper about it all the time? Don’t we all complain about stuff/people that make us uncomfortable? It is concerning that everyone seems to be against her. Does she have any friends? It’s never a good sign if you can’t be friends with other girls.

Elise: Don’t try to rat other girls out. That will not win you points with JP. I wasn’t surprised she went home after that. I sometimes wonder if contestents have ever seen the show. Don’t they know the obvious tactics to avoid after watching 10 seasons of girls getting sent home??

Sharleen: Her outfit on her one-on-one was so embarrassing. Black tank, shorts (with pleats??), sheer black nylons, weird heels??? Gross. I’m still not over it. I did like her dress for the evening portion of the date. But seriously, she’s the worst. Their kiss was terrible, her facial expressions bug me., and the way she talks is so superior. I give her props for being honest about the baby thing, and I guess I can’t fault JP for giving her a rose because of her honesty. But can she please go home soon?

Juan Pablo: Seriously? No kissing? That is the stupidest thing ever. And then you kiss Clare?? Poor Lauren. Also, some of his clothes (like that chunky green sweater) are pretty terrible.

Clare: Stop making those fake eyes at JP. It’s obnoxious. Act like a real person. And stop acting like the boss of the world.

Renee: I like her more and more all the time. She’s chill.

Why are Danielle and Kelly still there?

Goodbye to Elise and Lauren!


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One Response to Bachelor — Week 4

  1. Heather Dominguez says:

    I feel the same way as you about Nikki… I still think she’s alright. I was dying about Sharleen’s outfit, DYING!! Those heels were horrific, MAYBE if she had better shoes the rest of it would have been ok?

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