Bachelor — Week 3

Bachelorweek3Cassandra: After seeing the chemistry between JP and Kat on their date last week, it was hard to take Cassandra seriously as a competitor this week. They didn’t seem into each other at all. I was actually sort of surprised that she got a rose. I hope she doesn’t stick around too much longer, she’s boring. She is too doe-eyed.

Soccer group date: Gag. I hate dates like this where the Bachelor puts the girls in a situation to test their reactions/sportsmanship/desire/skills (remember the roller skating date with the girl with one arm???). In a normal dating situation, if a man took me on a date in order to test me, that it would be our final date.

Andi and JP’s kiss in the kitchen was not cute. I was disappointed at the lack of chemistry between them. I hope this can turn around, I like her.

Sharleen might be my least favorite. She acts all formal, but it seems like an act. I don’t actually believe that she is “classy” like JP says. And her dress at the rose ceremony was ugly.

Chelsie’s fear about jumping seemed a little too dramatic, even for the Bachelor. It went on too long and just got annoying. Other then that I thought they seemed pretty cute together. I didn’t think she was really a contender, but by the end of the date I changed my mind about her.

Elise needs to cool it with the Chelsie talk. We get it. You don’t like Chelsie. It’s making her seem pretty catty and uncool. Focus on yourself, Elise.

Kelly was super lame to not come over and say hello when JP was cooking breakfast because she didn’t have her face on. Renee really scored points by coming over first thing, despite her bedhead and morning breath. She’s so Martha’s Vineyard.

Sharleen crying: No. Stop it. Fake. I loved how JP pushed her away while they were kissing. He stuck his hand right between their faces. Hahaha. Doesn’t much clearer than that.

Goodbye to Christy and Lucy. My predictions for next week are Kelly or Danielle, let’s hope for Kelly.

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