Bachelor — Week 2


  • The goo that oozed out of Clare and JP’s date was sort of gross. Ooey, gooey, sappy, gah! The explanation of her necklace (a reminder that there is something good out there and something to look forward to) seemed really fake and annoying. Not buying it, Clare. And why does she slowly blink her eyes like a kitty cat and stare up at him through her eyelashes? She is putting on a show! The chemistry between them actually seemed pretty legit, but I definitely thought she was over-acting. I don’t think she needs to try so hard, I think he’d like her anyway. She’s one of the hottest girls, and she’s not dumb, so she has potential. However, she has had so much screen time already that I’m suspicious of her. Am I being tricking into thinking she is a front runner when really she will be going home soon?
  • Love the bikini dancing in the snow! And Clare gets the first kiss!
  • I’m so glad Kat got the second one-on-one. She was one of the “keepers” that I chose for Peter’s work poll (along with Andi and Alli), so I’m rooting for her.
  • Leave it to SLC to pull out all the stops for The Bachelor! Is any state more Bachelor obsessed? I’m so proud.
  • Ok, so Kat is sticking around. Their date was one of the best Bachelor dates I’ve ever seen. They were having SO much fun together.
  • Kelly: I can’t get on board with her. I’m dying that she is still here.
  • I loved how these girls thought that posing without clothes on was noble since it was “for a good cause”.
  • Another single mom! I was surprised to hear that 21 year old Cassandra has a 2 year old son. That explains why she is on the show.
  • Victoria was hilarious.
  • Victoria and Renee were barefoot in a bathroom! Disgusting!
  • JP handled the Victoria situation with class. Nicely done, JP.
  • Amy’s reporter gimmick was embarrassing. JP was trying really hard to act interested, but he clearly wasn’t impressed.
  • I think Sharleen’s dress looked ridiculous. She belonged at a college toga party. But props to her for apologizing about being a brat last week.
  • Danielle’s dress was worse than Sharleen’s.
  • Goodbye to Amy, Chantel, and Victoria.


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One Response to Bachelor — Week 2

  1. Lara says:

    What a drama filled episode already, oh boy! I was dying that Andi went along with the photo shoot, totally hoped she’d back out. Lost a few points for JP on that one for talking her into it when she obviously felt uncomfortable. Boo! Free spirit will definitely be the annoying one of the house.

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