Five thoughts

  1. Have you seen the new Pizza Hut commercial? I love it for a million reasons. AND it really made me want a Pizza Hut pizza for the first time in years. Success, Pizza Hut!
  2. Church just switched from 9:00am to 11:00am. I love 11am church, but it’s the worst case scenario for Henry. Bummer.
  3. The tv watching situation at my house is pretty perfect right now. 1) We have a pretty good cable package. 2) On the main floor we have an smart tv with all the usual apps. 3) Upstairs we have an AppleTV. 4) I can stream my cable package and most of my DVR (and obviously Netflix and Amazon) from my iPad, computer, or phone.
  4. I HATE being too busy. I like having a regular stream of items on my plate at any given time.
  5. This year I discovered Christmas tree bags. I got my tree out of the house with practically no needles on the floor!
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