Bachelor — Week 1

Peter’s office has a poll about the Bachelor. Of course Peter is participating. He had to choose two “keepers” and one “loser”. We chose Alli and Kat as keepers and Kelly as the loser. All three stayed this week. Let’s hope Kelly goes home soon, we lose points every week that she stays.

Bachelorweek1My thoughts from tonight’s episode:

  • Chris Harrison: Divorce looks good on him! Or did he get a facelift? A new makeup artist? He looks 10 years younger!
  • Renee: As soon as I read that she was from Martha’s Vineyard I knew she would be chill. I think chill is definitely Juan Pablo’s style, so I think she’ll stick around. AND she’s a single mom, which endeared him to her right away. But, um, she rollerblades?? She must live in 1994. Which of course makes me like her even more!
  • Andi: I wish I’d chosen her as a keeper for the office poll. She’s got serious potential.
  • Amy J: Omg, was there any doubt she would go? Crazy girl.
  • Nikki: I like her because of her job (baby nurse). She’s sweet and spunky.
  • Lauren H: Agh. There is always one who overshares and it bites her in the butt. Poor thing couldn’t keep it together. Her pouty lips didn’t help.
  • Clare: The pregnant thing was a bit much, but Juan Pablo didn’t seem to mind. I actually think she’ll stick around for a while.
  • Lucy: She acts like an 11 year old. Adults shouldn’t prance, they should walk.
  • Alli: She came out playing soccer! So glad I picked her for the office poll.
  • Kelly: I have to say, her dog wasn’t even cute. Let’s hope she goes home next week.
  • Sharleen: First impression rose! Loved her bad attitude about it! I’m not even sure why a girl like her would come on the show. It’s like a princess in a strip club or something. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
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