Ten tv thoughts

  1. Sound of Music: This was terrible. I had very low expectations. I understood what it was going to be (a play, not a movie), but I was still disappointed! The set was cheesy, the costumes looked like they came from Walmart, and the hair and makeup was amateur. I think Carrie did a fine job with the singing, but her acting wasn’t good. I think if it hadn’t been live it would have been better.
  2. Blacklist: This has grown on me. I like it.
  3. Scandal: Ug. Olivia Pope. Stop being so dramatic all the time.
  4. Courtney Loves Dallas: Like! Courtney is super annoying, but I try to watch all shows filmed where I have lived/where I live.
  5. Snooki and JWoww: What is up with JWoww? She needs to drink more water and less booze. Snooki is looking good and I like the fanny pack look! I’m so bugged that she’s never with the baby. Without Jionni and Roger this show would be nothing.
  6. The Middle: I think I’m over it. It’s just not funny to me anymore. I think this show has run its course for me.
  7. Mindy Project: Maybe the funniest show on tv right now??
  8. Elementary: I recently started watching this and I really wanted to love it. I don’t. Can’t get into it. And by the way, Lucy will always be Ling Woo to me.
  9. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi is out of control. Carlton is the worst. Joyce is trying too hard. Lisa and Kyle are still my favorites. Kim makes me laugh out loud because she is so nuts. Yolanda is much less kind this season than she was last season, which I don’t like.
  10. Ellen (the sitcom): I just finished the series and I definitely enjoyed it. The last season was my least favorite. The whole point of the show changed and they became obsessed with being groundbreaking. It was annoying.
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