Seven Thoughts

  1. I’ve been watching Ellen (the sitcom, not the talk show). Love it.
  2. There is a Costa Vida about 20 minutes away from my house!
  3. Have you all seen this Pie Bar in Provo? Can’t wait to try it.
  4. My favorite time of day is when I put Henry to bed. He is so sweet and snuggly.
  5. I’m on the Dirty Diet Coke train. I still prefer regular diet coke, but about once a week I like it dirty just to mix things up. It also helps that Sonic is on every corner around here.
  6. Dallas has been shut down for two days. We had an ice storm. I do understand that the city doesn’t know how to deal with bad weather because it rarely happens, but the level of panic this has caused it a bit silly. Everything is closed (except Target!). Even church is cancelled for tomorrow!
  7. I love the Pier1 commercial when the penguin says, “My foot’s  smooshed in a cupcake.” Makes me laugh every time.
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One Response to Seven Thoughts

  1. anna says:

    I prefer Costa Vida over Cafe Rio, just so you know.

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