Seven Thoughts

  1. Pie Night plans are underway. I am having a hard time narrowing down the pies for the menu.
  2. Last weekend Peter’s grandfather passed away we took a last minute trip to Utah. I’m such a cliche, but I really love Cafe Rio.
  3. Kerry Washington did a good job on SNL. It was nice to see her do something other than be serious as Olivia Pope.
  4. I really love OxiClean. I add a scoop to most of my loads of laundry, and I really love the Max Force stain remover. It gets everything out.
  5. The weather in Texas is finally awesome, but I can’t enjoy it because I’m already dreading next summer.
  6. We finally got Henry a crib. I settled on the Pottery Barn Kendall after months and months of searching. It’s ok for the price point, but nothing amazing. But I do love the way it looks.
  7. Is there anyone in the world who orders vanilla ice cream at an ice cream shop? Doubt it.
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One Response to Seven Thoughts

  1. Paige C says:

    I get vanilla ice cream fairly frequently…please don’t judge me. I love it! (but forget it if salted caramel is an option) 🙂

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