New TV shows

Bethenny: I’ve been a Bethenny fan from season one of RHONY. I was excited about her new show, but it’s pretty terrible. I was disappointed. I did watch the episode with Martha Stewart. She was so rude! Not a fan of her.

Kris: Speaking of Kris, her show was not good. I only watched a few episodes. I did happen to watch the Kanye episode. It was the most respectable I’ve ever seen him be. He is usually so nuts. Did you see him on Jimmy Kimmel? Straight up crazy.

The Queen Latifah Show: I saw an ad on the side of the bus for this and had to look it up. It was bad. I didn’t even make it through a whole episode. Even Bethanny’s talk show is better than this.

Teen Mom 3: These girls are boring. I hate to say it, but I think this show might need to end. The episode where Katie and Joey got in a fight was so disturbing.

The Crazy Ones: This was really disappointing. I have no clue why Robin Williams would take this on. And co-staring with Buffy?? I totally don’t get it. I made it through 1.5 episodes and cancelled the series from my DVR.

Michael J. Fox Show: Not great, but not bad. I am annoyed that they do the couch sessions like the Office and Modern Family. Why do so many shows have to do that these days? I’m over it.

Betrayal: There is something weird about this show. It’s slow and creepy music and weird and just…weird. We watched three episodes and canceled it from the DVR.

Sean Saves the World: Stupid, but not the stupidest. I made it through three episodes before canceling it.

Welcome to the Family: This is one of the better of the new shows, but it’s still pretty bad. I am a loyal Desperate Housewives fan, so I have to watch this show because Carlos is on it. Plus I love that Gabby is a guest star.

Scandal: This isn’t new, but it’s new to me. I cruised through the first few seasons on Netflix and really liked it. I was all caught up when the new season started, but for some reason watching them each week as they air is boring. This might be a series that is best watched all at once rather than week to week.

The Goldbergs: This is one of my favorite new shows. It’s funny, but the real reason I love it is that it’s based on true events and they show the real footage at the end of each show. Cracks me up.

Lucky 7: This was another one of my favorites after I watched the premier, but then it was canceled after only two episodes. I never even watched the second episode. Seemed pointless.

Trophy Wife: This is the best new comedy this season. The littlest boy is the funniest part of the show.

Hostages: Apparently this is good. I am too scared to watch.

Mom: Stupid.

Dads: Stupid. I didn’t even finish the first episode.

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One Response to New TV shows

  1. Lara says:

    I like that you’d heard Hostages was good but you’re too scared to watch. Hehe. I’ve been meaning to give that one a try but have yet to watch. Scandal is one I’ve watched from the beginning, and I agree- I think watching them in a row would keep my interest more. Watching it each week, the stories are starting to drag a bit.

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