Six thoughts

  1. I don’t like mini Reeses peanut butter cups at all.
  2. We don’t have to buy any school supplies this year!
  3. It took me weeks to finish the Bachelorette. Luckily I stayed away from any spoilers. I wasn’t very satisfied with how things turned out, but I wouldn’t say I was unsatisfied either. I won’t be surprised if they break up, but I also won’t be surprised if they actually get married. I’m mostly a believer in the statement, “You marry who you are dating when you are ready to get married.” I think this may be the case for Des.
  4. I love the Chick fil a chocolate chip cookies and their new salads are delicious. My fav is the avocado lime ranch dressing on the cobb salad.
  5. Henry still doesn’t have a crib or any bedroom furniture.
  6. I’m a Candy Crush player. I also found a jigsaw puzzle app that I love.
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2 Responses to Six thoughts

  1. lyndsaygunn says:

    I guess indeed to start commenting on your blog since we don’t talk mindlessly for hours each day anymore. Here goes, my thoughts on your thoughts:
    1) do the miniature ones taste different? That’s weird.
    2) yay for no more school! and this IS a big deal because I know how particular Peter is with the kind of supplies he wants. Seriously.
    3)don’t watch, don’t care…but sucks that girl killed herself froma previous season! Did u like her? Was she a psycho?
    4) ditto on all things CFA. But I’m upset that this month the freebie on the calendar is a bottle of water or OJ. Really? Water? THANKS.
    5) poor Henry. Come live with me until you get what you need.
    6) nerd alert.

    Added thoughts:
    1) powerade zero makes “drops” which is basically the powerade zero syrup stuff you squirt into your own water bottle. I love it, except I can only find the blue kind…keep your eyes out for the purple.
    2) North West is actually super adorable. Those cheeks!!!!
    3) kris jenners show is already canceled. No surprise there.

  2. anna says:

    I love your thoughts posts…

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