Utah Thoughts

  1. You order drinks by the ounce rather than the size
  2. No one admires my baby because everyone has a baby of their own (or like five babies)
  3. Grown men dress like teenagers
  4. The cars are huge
  5. Salon/spa treatments are crazy cheap
  6. So many places have a drive-thru (dry cleaners, restaurants, convenience stores, etc)
  7. Fountain drinks are everywhere, most have pebble ice, and they are unbelievably cheap
  8. The houses are giant and an astonishing number of them have boats and trailers outside of them
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3 Responses to Utah Thoughts

  1. Lesli says:

    This whole thing makes me laugh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with every thought on your list. Plus my own #9: Long-time residents tend to stare–like they know you, or that by staring, they will somehow illicit a confession that you know them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and number two makes me a little sad. My babies used to be very noticeable.

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