Catch up

A list of things I haven’t blogged about that I hope to blog about soon.

  1. Boston Bombing
  2. Henry’s six month photo shoot
  3. Peter finishing his thesis and his last day of school
  4. Trip to Maine
  5. Grandma Munk visits Boston (Newport, Pickity Place, Nashua, Cape Cod)
  6. Grandpa Munk, Grandma and Grandpa Sommerkorn, Annie and Zoie visit Boston
  7. Graduation
  8. Goodbye BBQs and parties with friends
  9. Boston tourist stuff
  10. Father’s Day
  11. Trip to New Jersey and New York
  12. Selling all our stuff, packing, moving
  13. Flying to Utah, including a cancelled flight and a last minute sleepover at Paige’s house
  14. Sommerkorn family vacation to Brianhead
  15. Henry’s pneumonia (including his second ER visit)
  16. House hunting trip to Texas
  17. Cyndie, Katie and Alex come to Utah
  18. The Bachelorette!
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