Five Baby Thoughts

  1. Henry has stopped drooling! I’m so pleased.
  2. One thing I miss from my pre-baby life is hopping in my car quickly. Now it’s a process to put the baby in, collapse the stroller, etc etc.
  3. My favorite baby clothes are Gap and H&M. They aren’t expensive, but they wear and wash very well.
  4. I can’t wait for Henry to have his own room! One bedroom and a baby is a total drag.
  5. For the past month or so Henry has been napping! His naps begin at 10am and last between 4-60 minutes. I’m not so keen on a four minute nap, but it’s better than no nap at all!
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2 Responses to Five Baby Thoughts

  1. anna says:

    About #2… I usually tell people this was the only thing that was hard for me to get used to after having a child. Similarly, not being able to just run into the store on my way home from somewhere. That takes about 2-3 times a long with a baby.

  2. Paige says:

    Ooo, I’ve been meaning to ask where you get Henry’s baby clothes. They’re all so cute! I’ll have to store this information away for future reference! 🙂

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