Baby Socks


This is one of my favorite pictures of our family. My photographer captured something truly “us” and she didn’t even know it.

If you’ve read my blog since the beginning, you already know about my socks preferences. I’d link to my original sock post back in 2011, but Steve Jobs has made that impossible (can’t stand that guy!). Here is my exact post, written January 14, 2011:

socksI only own one type of sock. This is because when I do laundry, it makes matching my socks much quicker. Having one pile of socks that can all be matched together is very efficient.

About every 1.5-2 years, a hole appears in a sock. As soon as I get a hole, I throw ALL my socks away (regardless of condition) and get all new ones. This way all my socks will be the same “age”.

Each pack of my socks (Hanes Athletic No Show) costs $9.00 for 10 pairs at Target. I buy two packs at a time. So every 1.5-2 years I spend $18.00 on socks. I am happy to trade $18.00 for more efficient laundry.

A few weeks ago I got a hole in a sock. I went to Target and purchased two identical packages of my socks. I got home, opened the packages and realized that one of the packages were slightly different (see left picture above). Boo!

At first I thought I’d just live with it, but a week later I went back to Target, got another package, and threw the ten unalike pairs away.

Now I have 20 matching pairs (see right picture above). It’s great.

THE strangest thing about this is that Peter does the same thing! Can you believe that? We both have had this method since before we knew each other. We were seriously made for each other.

It’s no surprise that I feel the same way about Henry’s socks. No cute baby socks for us! He only wears plain white socks. These Luvable Friends socks are amazing, they NEVER fall off, and he has 12 pairs in every size.

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