Four baby thoughts

  1. Bedtime is AWESOME! For the first 3.5 months of Henry’s life I let him go to bed whenever he seemed tired. He naturally began going to bed around the same time every night, and now it’s a regular thing. I love that at 7:30pm I can put him in his bed even if he’s wide awake and he goes right to sleep! Without a peep! Then I have the rest of the night to myself!! It’s amazing!!
  2. Henry has always preferred (demanded) to be in my arms. When he was really little it seemed like my goal was always to be able to put him down. Now that he’s older and starting to be a bit more self-sufficient, I’m sad that I tried so hard to put him down all the time.
  3. Henry is five months old. If I could re-do the last five months, I’d do some things differently. Basically I would ignore everyone except for Henry.
  4. Henry has terrible cradle cap. He scratches his head all the time and it’s super sad. I have tried everything. Coconut oil has been the most effective thing.
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5 Responses to Four baby thoughts

  1. Lesli says:

    Our friend is a pediatrician, and he told me cortisone cream. Rub some on after bath, worked great for us.

  2. Katie C. says:

    Here’s what I do: rub baby oil (or maybe coconut in your case) onto his head about 5 minutes before bath time. Let the oil get it all softened up. Take a soft toothbrush and brush the cradle cap spots to get off the yucky dead skin. Then bath him and wash his head.

  3. Joni says:

    I’m a coconut oil believer too. Worked awesome on my boys and on my friend’s little girl who had the worst cradle cap I had ever seen. It was gone with one application. I used the brush the hospital gave us to get hers off. Worked like a charm. Good luck.

  4. melhoney says:

    I’d forget all the natural ways and go for head and shoulders. It’s what my Pediatrician recommended and took it away instantly. Just make sure it Doesn’t get in his eyes. Oh and let it sit for a moment or two before washing out.

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