Henry’s name

henrysnameIt took us 39 weeks of pregnancy plus eight days post birth to name our baby. Naming a person is hard! We did spend a lot of time talking about it, but not as much as you’d think. We were too busy galavanting around Europe to name a baby, but we (I) did have a long list of names.*

When we arrived at the hospital we still didn’t know what we would name him, but it was sort of narrowed down to a short list**. Twenty-three hours later, when Henry was born, naming him was the last thing I was thinking about. I thought Baby Boy suited him well. I felt zero urgency to pick a name. We were getting pressure from EVERYONE to pick a name, which was annoying. Actually, now that I write this, the memory is sort of upsetting even now, five months later. I’ll name my baby when I want to, people!

On our last day at the hospital we narrowed it down to Charles and Henry. At that point we decided to pick names from a hat. We did it about ten times and it was 50/50. Not helpful. We thought we’d decide before we left the hospital, but our last nurse was a nasty lady, and she really made me mad. I refused to name the baby while upset. So we left with Baby Boy, who we would temporarily call Henry. I continued to call him Baby Boy, but everyone else called him Henry.

Henry sort of stuck. Eight days after his birth, on November 2 (the same day his cord stump fell off), my mom and I went back to the hospital and made it official.

We chose Henry for two reasons.

  1. Peter’s dad is Wilford Heinrich. We almost went with Heinrich, but chose to anglicize it instead.
  2. We wanted a name that had something to do with where the baby was born. We live on Wadsworth Street, and right off of the Longfellow Bridge.


*Here was our long list (in order of popularity): Benjamin, Charles, Thomas, Nolan, Max, Wesley, George, Lincoln, Harrison, Ezra, Calvin, Theodore, Edwin, Edgar, Emerson, Gregory, Arthur, Beau, Russell, Davis, Franklin, Alvin, Rhett, Lawson, Wilson, Clark, Stanley, Leonard, Winston, Edison, Amos, Dale, Fredrick, Grover, Otis, Anson, Gustav, Prescott, Morris, Smith, Bernie

**Here was our short list (in order of popularity): Henry, Charles, Max, George, Theodore, Russell, Clark, Fredrick, Stanley, Prescott

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5 Responses to Henry’s name

  1. Amy says:

    I agree with you 100%! Naming a person is really hard to do. My doctor told me at one of my appointments when I said we still didn’t have a name that he didn’t go and fill out and get the birth certificate for one of his daughters until she went to Kindergarten! Obviously, they gave her a name sooner, but didn’t see the rush to fill out paperwork. He warned me there would be a nurse impatiently tapping a pen the moment I gave birth and I should ignore her. πŸ™‚

  2. Linz says:

    Naming a baby is excruciating. And I panic if I don’t have a name picked out by the time I get to 24 weeks. Haha! Luckily, I don’t ever have to do it again. Ha!

  3. anna says:

    I always joke that picking a name is the hardest part about having a child. Or maybe it’s not a joke. It’s easy to talk about names you like, but when it comes down to giving a child a name that they will keep for the rest of forever, the pressure definitely surmounts. And my friend’s parent’s did the same thing, except they kind of forgot to go back to the hospital and get his name on the records. So until he was almost 18, his name was “Baby”. πŸ™‚

  4. melhoney says:

    For both Autumn and Holland, we left without a name and took our time despite mean nurses and pressure from people. It’s so annoying how people care when you wait a few days. Henry us a great Name.

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