People love babies

Until Henry was born, I had no idea how much people love babies. Everywhere I go people admire him. I literally can not go anywhere without at least one person approaching me to ask his name or comment on his big blue eyes. People act like idiots trying to make him smile. It’s very sweet to see how such a tiny person can light up the face of a complete stranger.

A few months ago I was waiting in line at Target, and Henry was strapped in his car seat in the shopping cart. Henry was crying and I was in a big rush to get through the line and get him home. A blind woman, who was being escorted around the store by an employee was walking past. She stopped, turned to her teenage escort and said, “Is that a newborn I hear?!” She seemed so excited. The employee looked at me as if she didn’t know what to say to the blind woman. I stepped over and told the women that yes, it was a newborn baby. She smiled wide and asked if it was a boy since it “sounded like a boy’s cry”. I told her yes, his age, and that his name was Henry. She smiled bigger.

“Ohhhhh! Henry!! What a wonderful baby boy!” She was beside herself with joy. You would have thought she’d just heard the best news of her life. She continued to ask me questions about Henry. A crowed started to form around us. People were so touched by this blind woman who was so obviously in love with a strange baby that she couldn’t even see.

She said, “Henry’s Mom, I have something for you!” and started digging around in her fanny pack. While she was searching, I started describing the woman and her dog to Henry. This made the woman only more excited and her smile bigger.

She finally pulled out some coupons for discounted prescriptions and told me that she knows how much medicine is required for new babies and new moms, and how she hoped that the coupons would be helpful to us.

I put my arm around her and thanked her from me and from Henry. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever experienced.

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2 Responses to People love babies

  1. JM says:

    Tender acts of kindness. Great story.

  2. Amy says:

    I maybe teared up reading this. Have you flown by yourself with him yet? You will be amazed! People practically fall all over themselves to lift a bag for you, open a door, or try to help calm your fussy baby. Babies truly bring out the best in people!

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