Four baby thoughts

  1. I think keeping Hank fed might be the worst part about having a baby. It’s a real drag.
  2. Hank sleeps really well at night. He’s slept through the night regularly since about week six. He sleeps about 7-9 hours, eats, and sleeps for a few more hours. He doesn’t nap during the day. He takes about three 20 minute naps. I wish he napped, but not enough to work at training him to do so. Plus, we are out every afternoon and I don’t want to stay home all day to force a nap on him. He’s pretty happy most of the time, so I’m not particularly anxious to change our situation.
  3. Remember how I thought Hank was the perfect baby? I was wrong. My best friend had a baby a few weeks ago, and she is truly the perfect baby. I didn’t know a baby could sleep so much, eat so well, cry so little, etc.
  4. I love wearing Hank. He is the most content that way, and life is best when Hank is content. I never really liked a sling, but I love my front pack.
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4 Responses to Four baby thoughts

  1. Amy says:

    I totally agree on the keeping them fed thing. Of all the things that get harder as they get older, I think that one actually gets easier. It’s nice to sit them down with a plate of food and either eat your own at the same time or get something else done while he’s busy. Plus, it doesn’t have to be every 3 hours. πŸ™‚

  2. joni says:

    I agree with the feeding part. It doesnt get any better with a toddler.

  3. joni says:

    Ha ha. Just read the other comment. To each their own.

  4. lyndsaygunn says:

    Rosie is flattered she made mention on your blog for being so perfect! Lets hope she can keep it up. And Henry is still pretty perfect, too. πŸ™‚

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