TV Thoughts

I don’t really have anything to say about the Women Tell All tonight, so let’s talk about other stuff going on this season.

New Girl: People are saying that the kiss between Jess and Nick will ruin the series. I don’t necessarily think so. I don’t think the first kiss between Jim and Pam ruined the Office. I do, however, think this is the worst season of New Girl.

Kourtney & Kim: My heart breaks a little more for Kourtney every episode.

I watched all the awards shows this season. Why don’t I like Jennifer Lawrence?

90210: Why, oh why am I still watching? Let’s talk Annie: In the past three years she’s killed a homeless man, had a crazy stalker, been proposed to, been broke, parents divorced, inherited millions from a random lady, and is publishing a book she apparently wrote in like a week. Come on.

Parks and Rec: I hate that Ann wants to have Rob Lowe’s baby. Does every show have to have a single woman who wants a baby but not a man? It seems to be the default storyline for most shows these days.

The Following: I like it. It can get to be a bit much for me. I hate shows where the people are like evil-crazy. The last episode got a little annoying when the local cop turned out to be a follower. Is a follower going to pop out in every scene? I get that we should trust no one, but trusting no one is a bit predicable.

Community: I really enjoyed the early seasons, but this season has been a bust.

Catfish: I really like this show, but I am really hoping that next season has a wider variety of endings. It’s shocking how oblivious people are.

Suburgatory: I quit. Boring. Tessa is superior and annoying. Dalia is the only good think left about this show.

Nashville: This show is still good! I can’t stand the annoying blonde girl and her entire storyline, but I like everything else. I look forward to this show every week.

Don’t Trust the B: Cancelled. Whaaaaat?

Modern Family: Can’t stand Claire anymore.

The Americans: I’m liking this! I look forward to every episode.

The Mindy Project: This has been an excellent addition to tv. Well done, Mindy!

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