Bachelor — Week 8

bachweek8It was pretty obvious early on in the episode that AshLee would be the lady to go. Poor AshLee. She is just way, way too much for Sean. Sean needs to be with a girl who thinks a lot less, questions nothing, and giggles more. Someone like Lindsay.

Congrats to AshLee for leaving the way she did! I thought for sure she would break down and blubber about how broken she is and how she’ll never love again, blah, blah, blah. I was so glad to see her get mad rather than get sad. Remember when she got in a fight with Tierra? Remember when she got married at 17 just to spite her mom? We know she has spice! She should have showed more of that sass to Sean, rather than always trying to prove how open and vulnerable she was by carrying on about her feelings, her emotions, and her broken yet recently healed spirit. The girl she showed us on the show wasn’t a good match for Sean, but I’m not entirely convinced that there isn’t a side of AshLee that might have meshed well with Sean’s all-American, Texas-gentleman style.

By the way, there is no hope for AshLee being the next bachelorette. No way. You wouldn’t think she’d be a very good Bachelor Pad contestant either, but based on that Tierra fight, she might surprise us all by becoming the next Bachelor Pad villian. It would be so cool if she came back to get revenge on the entire Bachelor franchise!

Back to this week’s episode…

Catherine is not actually competition for Lindsay. Lindsay has this in the bag.

Why Sean shouldn’t choose Catherine: her family is too non-traditional, she has a nose ring, she doesn’t seem ready to settle down, she has a history of emotional issues and mental illness runs in her family, she is Seattle and he is Texas, she’s unstable, they have different backgrounds and currently live different lifestyles, and her family doesn’t support their situation. (All that being said, I like her a LOT better than Lindsay, and think most of those things give her character and make her pretty cool. But not for Sean. I would most definitely be friends with Catherine before I’d be friends with Lindsay.)

Why Sean shouldn’t choose Lindsay: I actually can’t think of any reason Sean shouldn’t choose Lindsay. I can think of a million reasons why I wouldn’t want to marry Lindsay, but none of those reasons apply when I think about Sean. I think she fits the mold he is looking for pretty well.

Sean and Catherine have great chemistry, better than Sean and Lindsay. But chemistry doesn’t make a marriage, and if Sean chooses Catherine it will never last. BUT, I suppose I won’t be surprised if he does choose Catherine. The Bachelors have a history of following their hearts. WHY, oh why doesn’t anyone tell them that following your heart is a terrible way to find a spouse? Would you like to know the reason why the overwhelming majority of Bachelor relationships don’t work out? BECAUSE THEY ALL FOLLOW THEIR HEARTS and ignore their heads! I think abc needs to hire me to consult with each Bachelor/Bachelorette throughout the season. It could be like the therapist that followed Brad Womack around.

My friend Lyndsay had a fantastic idea. What if the viewers got to vote who to send home?! Wouldn’t that be the BEST season ever?! I bet the show’s marriage statistics would increase if the couples were chosen by the viewers, rather than the Bachelor/Bachelorettes themselves.

Wait, and did we all hear Catherine say that people used to tease her and call her fat? Whaaaaat?

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One Response to Bachelor — Week 8

  1. Lara says:

    K first off, you totally have the job in the bag for the bachelor therapist. So love this. Someone needs to knock some logic into this crazy people! Secondly, voting who should go home is the best idea EVER! Brilliant! Can you imagine the ratings?!

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