Bachelor — Week 6


  • What is up with Tierra saying that AshLee is a cougar at 32 and she ought to be married with kids at that point? Very, very uncool. Tierra, like most 24-yr-olds, has her life all planned out. She is sure that she’ll be married with all of her kids by 32. This shows how immature she is. Also, let’s all remember that she is trying to find a husband on national television.
  • While AshLee is a very sweet girl, she is a bit emo for my taste. She was so serious and heavy during her date. They seemed really into each other, but her pursed lips and long gazes became a bit much for me.
  • I love that Tierra is sleeping on a roll away bed! Cracks me up.
  • “Pouty Pants” is my new favorite phrase. Thank you, AshLee.
  • AshLee being married at 17 doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. It’s just a stupid mistake that a child made. Being married and divorced when you are 17 is just ridiculous. It means nothing about her ability to make wise choices as an adult. It just means she was a normal, dramatic teenager. It might, however, show us how disturbing her childhood was.
  • I’m glad Sean asked AshLee about Tierra. I like when the Bachelors put stock into how each girl is viewed by other girls.
  • Any girl who thinks other girls of jealous of her is a girl that you should RUN from.
  • The chemistry between Sean and Tierra was really off during their evening. When she said she was falling for him, she was grasping at straws. It wasn’t genuine. It was a last ditch effort to ensure a rose.
  • I really dislike the “surprise them in the morning with no makeup” thing. Like, really, really hate it. I think it’s mean. People should be able to prepare themselves. There is more to getting up in the morning then makeup and hair. If Sean wants to have an opportunity to catch them when they aren’t expecting it, he should invite them to the fantasy suite. If a guy did that to me, you better believe there wouldn’t be a second date. And seriously, it has little to do with getting caught without makeup.
  • Did Lindsay just say that she tries to “hide her depth behind humor”? Wow. That is embarrassing for her.
  • Sean looks cute when he is sun-kissed.
  • How does abc always get dolphins to appear at just the right moment?
  • I was shocked when Lindsay got the rose on the group date! She is really sweet, but she doesn’t seem mature enough to be getting married. Like I said last week, the relationship between Sean and Lindsay reminds me of a relationship between a Provo All-Star and an 18 year old hottie.
  • Lesley is Peter’s favorite. Unfortunately her date with Sean was awkward. Their chemistry was much colder than Sean’s chemistry with the other girls.
  • I liked seeing AshLee get jazzed up with Tierra! It’s the most spice we’ve seen from her and it’s nice to see she has a little fire inside of her.
  • I loved the fight!
  • Tierra has a sparkle! That was an embarrassing admission.
  • Tierra’s manicure is gross. I can’t stand a half-done manicure. When you get a chip, remove it all, ladies. Trashy.
  • “I’m so sensitive and I have such a big heart.” These are things you should NEVER say about yourself.
  • Tierra is the master manipulator! When Tierra and Sean were talking on the couch, she was shoveling garbage right into his mouth and he was eating it right up.
  • Ya for Sean sending Tierra home! I am so glad he listened to his sister’s wise words. Girls who can’t get along with girls are bad news. Let this be a lesson to all future Bachelor contestants.
  • Unfortunately Tierra is going home thinking that this bad fortune was thrust upon her by the other girls. She is the kind of person that will never, ever think she is wrong. She is always the victim. Perfect for Bachelor Pad! I’m confident we haven’t seen the last of her.
  • Perhaps the highlight of the show (after the fight, of course) was Catherine’s admission in the final minutes. I really appreciate that she said this. I think it shows humility and maturity.
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One Response to Bachelor — Week 6

  1. Linz says:

    Did you hear Tierra is engaged?! Some idiot must have fallen in love with her “Sparkle” 🙂 Can’t wait for the women tell all 🙂

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