Bachelor — Week 5, Part 2

  • Catherine is legit. I like her. I’m not sure her look is traditional enough to get her to the end (nose ring seems a bit much for an all-American guy like Sean), but she and Sean certainly have the chemistry. They seem to be genuine friends, which I like.
  • All the girls are wearing the same light pink nail polish.
  • OMG! Stop with the physical fitness dates!!
  • Tierra sort of has a Utah accent.
  • I love Selma so much for not doing the Polar Bear Plunge! Especially when she laughed and said it wasn’t a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Poor Sarah. Canoeing? Really? Come on, abc.
  • Sean wants to be everyone’s hero. He thrives on boosting self-esteem and reassuring the girls. This not a quality I appreciate.
  • Tierra is obnoxious. I didn’t believe her little stunt. Lesley is right, Tierra is a professional at getting attention.
  • Best line of the night, “We have a Tierraist on our hands.”
  • It was a cute idea of Sarah to show him pictures of her family, but you could tell Sean wasn’t really into it.
  • I hated it when Tierra showed up for the evening party. She is the worst.
  • I’m glad Lesley got the rose on the group date.
  • Lesley is Peter’s favorite at this point.
  • Poor Sarah. We knew she wouldn’t last long, but it’s still sad. She is so sweet.
  • I like Des. She is really pretty, without having that annoying “hot girl” quality that most Bachelor contestants have.
  • Climbing the trees was adorable. This is the stuff I like to see on The Bachelor. Real people, making real connections, doing real things.
  • Des lived in a tent?! That is cray cray!! Does that have something to do with her tree climbing ability?
  • Oh no. I just looked up Des’s bio. Her fav book is “Eat, Pray, Love”. I no longer like her. That is one of the stupidest books I’ve ever read.
  • Sean’s date with Des was one of the better dates we’ve seen.
  • Selma is funny! “Let’s be honest, you are going to wife that?”
  • Lesley was wearing a great dress at the rose ceremony! Not sure why she used her best dress on the week she had a rose.
  • The Sean/Selma kiss was a bit awkward.
  • The relationship between Sean and Lindsay reminds me of a relationship between a Provo All-Star and an 18 year old hottie.
  • The AshLee blindfold thing was embarrassing for her. I mean…seriously. Next week she’ll probably have him doing trust falls. She is too serious for him.
  • I’m very surprised that Selma went home this early. There was no way she would have made it to hometowns, but I thought she’d make it further than she did.
  • No surprise about Daniella.
  • The peeing in the drawer story was hilarious.
  • This season is starting to get interesting! I finally feel invested.
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