Bachelor — Week 5

  • Lindsay seems sweet. The wedding dress on the first night was really silly, but the date tonight was nice. She seems young, but nice. And “substitute teacher” is code for unemployed.
  • Best line of the night: “She was as happy as a little bumble bee filled with honey.”
  • I can’t handle all these physical fitness dates with Sean standing around judging everyone. It’s making me hate Sean.
  • Can we PLEASE stop talking about Sarah’s arm?
  • Sean “just wants to snuggle” with Catherine. Cute.
  • Of all the things Jackie could say about Tierra, she chose to rat Tierra out for flirting with another guy? Stupid.
  • Peter thinks Jackie is better looking than Tierra.
  • I would like to see more of Daniella. It is too bad that she cried during her one on one time.
  • Tierra would be an excellent Bachelor Pad contestant.
  • I’m bored. Selma is probably my favorite so far, but there is no way that Sean and Selma will end up together. Super hot, funny, and a little sassy.
  • What is all this talk about what Tierra “deserves” and what is “fair” for her? Has she ever watched the show? Nothing about the Bachelor is fair. The fact that she thinks she’s above it is really concerning. Can you imagine being married to that?
  • I have to think that abc is forcing Sean to keep Tierra around. Sean doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that would be interested in a girl with even a hint of drama. Or maybe we have another Jake/Vienna situation on our hands.
  • Robyn was one of the last no-brainers to go home. No surprise there. I can’t believe she didn’t warn Sean about Tierra on her way out the door! I think she must have, we just didn’t see it.
  • I think the reason for the snooze fest so far this season is that Sean isn’t a very emotional, passionate guy. He is sort of…um…plain. Since there is zero spice to Sean, I suppose it’s logical that all of his interactions with the girls are non-spicy. It was the same with Sean and Emily, so we shouldn’t be surprised.
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