Bachelor — Week 4

  • Selma is sweet, super hot, and likable. But I definitely don’t see her making it to the end. The family situation and no kissing will end up being too much for a guy like Sean.
  • What was the deal with that ridiculous jeep Sean was driving? Gross.
  • I wanted to gag when Sean said to Selma, “You fall hard, don’t you?”
  • Sean and Selma fireplace snuggle went on too long and was made me uncomfortable.
  • As I said before, Sarah’s arm situation shouldn’t be something we keep talking about. BUT, the roller derby thing was a totally unfair situation to put her in. I really, really didn’t like that.
  • Athletic ability must be incredibly important to Sean. What is with all these dates where he watches the girls play sports? I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s nice to put people in situations that will make them uncomfortable over and over again. I really appreciated that the game didn’t end up happening.
  • I love that Sean is always in sneakers.
  • I just couldn’t get on board with Amanda. I’m glad she went home.
  • Tierra. Oh brother. Why was Sean trying to convince her to stay? He played right into her little game, which was disappointing to see. I lost a lot of respect for Sean after that.
  • Sean’s outfit while Leslie was shopping was totally stupid from head to toe.
  • Leslie just said, “Sean has made me feel more like a woman than anyone in my whole entire life.” Blah.
  • I think from night one it was pretty obvious that Leslie wasn’t going to go far. No surprise there.
  • Remember how Kacie B. got sent home after tattling on the girls? Well tonight Sean told the girls that when he makes questionable decisions they should talk to him about it. I don’t think the girls dare to rat each other out after seeing how it went for Kacie.
  • Robyn is annoying.
  • Tierra said she wants the heat off of her. Um…you are bringing it on yourself, sista.
  • Why do the most dramatic girls always say they hate drama?
  • The kiss between Sean and Catherine was sort of awkward. She won’t go far.
  • So far I don’t love any of these girls. Hopefully I start seeing some potential mates for Sean soon.
  • I’ve always liked Sean (except when he ran through the streets of Prague screaming “Emily”), but overall this episode made me like him less. He seemed sort of sissy, cheesy, immature and a little judgmental.
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One Response to Bachelor — Week 4

  1. Lara says:

    Agreed. In not loving anyone so far. Someone’s gotta step up before I totally lose interest…

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