Bachelor — Weeks 1, 2, 3

The early weeks of the show are sort of boring to blog about. There seems to be a million girls and they all look the same. Every time the camera moves, there is another girl I don’t remember. But I do have a few initial thoughts from the first three weeks:

  • The conversation between Arie and Sean was brilliant. It made them both more likable.
  • I am wondering if abc had Sean give Tierra a rose right out of the limo because they were setting Tierra up to be the villain. That girl is crazy, but she had a target on her back right when she walked in the door.
  • Speaking of the early rose…I liked that. BUT I did not like that he continued to do it all evening. I think he did it because he knew he’d never remember all their names for a rose ceremony.
  • I liked the joke Sean played at the art gallery, but let’s hope that is his only one for the season. Jokester Sean would get really old.
  • It’s bothersome to me that Sarah keeps bringing up her arm. I feel like she should have explained her situation once (if she really felt the need), and then we never should hear about it again.
  • I hate that the first date included a helicopter and jumping off a building. I’m so over those dates. Let’s hope they keep things sensible this season.
  • The Mormon went home! It was such a bummer to see her sent home so early.
  • What is with the black girl asking him if he liked black girls? I didn’t like that.
  • I liked the kissing record date. It was pretty cool while still being pretty low-key.
  • Why, why, why did Kacie B. feel the need to tattle to Sean? She seemed to be making a mountain out of a molehill. This didn’t seem like typical Kacie B. behavior, she always seemed so normal. I liked that Sean looked annoyed and disgusted and asked her why she was involving herself. It was silly of her to think that it would bring her closer to Sean.
  • Best line of week three, “I want you to act like Kacie. Not like this crazy person that I’m seeing.”
  • I’m not surprised about Kacie going home. If he had been into her when they met, they would have started dating then. He’s just not that into you, Kacie. BUT, for the record, I really like Kacie.
  • I love all the florescent colors!
  • AshLee’s outfit was pretty stupid for an amusement park.
  • Charity date = zzzzzzz
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