Seven Baby Thoughts

  1. I wish you could buy plain white diapers. The characters are annoying.
  2. My la-z-boy was by far the best purchase I made for the baby.
  3. People keep asking me if I’m stir crazy. Um…no way. I actually find it sort of rude when people ask me that. My favorite thing to do hang out with little Henry.
  4. Henry has stopped hating my singing. He tolerates it now.
  5. I have a Graco car seat. While we were in Utah we borrowed a Chicco. The Chicco was way better than the Graco, and now I hate my Graco.
  6. Henry wants to be held all the time, even when he’s sleeping. 99% of the time I don’t mind at all.
  7. I do sooooo much laundry which is crazy considering that Henry’s clothes are so tiny.
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3 Responses to Seven Baby Thoughts

  1. joni says:

    I always love it when you post your thoughts.

    I hear you on the diapers. Target’s have dots instead of characters. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chicco. They are WAY better. I love that you sing to him and I love that you love to hold him.

  2. Linz says:

    I agree with not being stir crazy. My favorite days are the ones spent at home with no where to go just enjoying all my little guys. Jay is worried that I’m turning into a recluse 🙂

    I also love my Chicco car seats. And when Henry gets ready for a bigger car seat, definitely go with the Britax. Love them 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    I’m thrilled you took my chair advice. And even if lots of people gave you that advice, I’ll pretend it was me that convinced you a good chair is VERY important. 🙂

    We did the Chicco too and loved it. I’m guessing since you borrowed one if Utah you opted to travel without yours. If you’re ever willing to cart it around in the future, the gate agents are actually really willing to move any open seats next to where you’re already sitting so you can take the seat and have a nice snuggly place for him to sleep and free up your arms a little. But learn from my mistake, when I found out you could check car seats for free on a differnet trip, I jumped at the chance because it seemed like such a bargain and the frugal side of me couldn’t resist…they lost our luggage and we had no way to get home when we got to SLC. Not cool.

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