Our first similarity

I’ve already noticed one thing that Henry and I have in common.

It makes me uncomfortable to hear people sing.

This includes musical numbers in church, family sing-a-longs, the mo-tab, etc. I even vividly remember disliking hearing my own mom sing around the house. Just about every time I hear someone singing I get sort of embarrassed and anxious for it to stop.

Henry cries every time I sing to him. He likes it when I talk to him, but the minute I start singing he starts screaming. Like mother, like son!

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5 Responses to Our first similarity

  1. cyndie says:

    That’s hilarious! You’ll have to go for nursery rhymes instead of songs, I guess.

  2. Linz says:

    I totally understand the feeling. When someone starts singing, I want to crawl under something and hide until it is over.

    He is darling. Congratulations!

  3. Amy says:

    Wait until he can talk instead of just cry. Mya will actually put her hand on my lips and say “sweet” things like, “No mom, be quiet!” or “Mom, no! Not that one!” Ha ha!

  4. Steffan Williams says:

    I always knew you were the strange cousin Liz. šŸ™‚ Does it make a difference whether or not the singing is good or bad? I bet you really enjoyed the family singing at the reunion a few years ago of “You’ve got a friend in me.” Henry is adorable….. Congrats!

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