New Shows

My thoughts on new shows this season:

  • Revolution: Entertaining, but I don’t think it could keep my interest more then one season. It sort of reminds me of Lost, which I really hated.
  • The New Normal: Watched the first three episodes. Every single one had an agenda and made me hate the show. I was sort of sad about this because I think it had the potential to be funny.
  • The Mob Doctor: Meh.
  • Guys With Kids: Dislike. Reminds me of a 90s sitcom. The only redeeming thing is Vanessa Huxtable.
  • Emily Owens M.D.: Cute. I’ll probably continue with this one for the season, but I’m not sure I would watch a second season.
  • Nashville: Like a lot. It’s a pretty good replacement for Desperate Housewives, which I totally miss.
  • 666 Park Avenue: Like so far. It’s sort of like American Horror Story, which lost my interest about half-way through the season. We’ll see if I get through the whole season of 666.
  • The Neighbors: Really stupid. Like…really, really stupid.
  • Go On: Not good. This made me sad because I really love Chandler. I wanted to like this just like I wanted to like Mr. Sunshine last year, but it’s just as stupid as Mr. Sunshine was. Poor Chandler.
  • Animal Practice: Meh. Not as bad as I thought, but surely not great.
  • The Mindy Project: Pretty funny. Makes me laugh out loud sometimes.
  • Ben and Kate: I liked the first two episodes, but now I think it’s trying too hard to be funny. But it’s enjoyable.
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2 Responses to New Shows

  1. Lara says:

    Who needs to actually watch a new tv series when I have you! 🙂 I’ve also been watching revolution and Nashville- I’m started to get a little bored with revolution and don’t like the main girl in it much so that might be a deal breaker. I do like Nashville a lot though, I think it’ll be a keeper.

    Now more photos of Henry please!

  2. Amy says:

    Have you ever watched Parenthood? I recently discovered it, it’s on Netflix. I think it may be my favorite show of all time, or at least a tie with Friends. Yes, it’s THAT good.

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