Five baby thoughts

  1. For the past few days my favorite name has been Russell. So far only one person (sorry, M) hasn’t liked it.
  2. Peter is out of town.
  3. At my appointment this week I was 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced.
  4. I’m of course excited to meet the little guy, and thrilled that he’s coming, but I’m a little sad that Peter and I only have a few days left just the two of us.
  5. The baby is getting bigger all the time. The midwife said they will measure him again next week to see how much he’s grown since my last ultrasound. She said once babies get to about 11 lbs they more or less force you to have a c-section. Um…11 lbs? Not sure why she even felt the need to bring that up. Let’s hope he’s no bigger than 9 lbs when he’s actually born.
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