My ginormous baby

I mentioned a few days ago that my midwife thought I was measuring pretty big. She ordered an ultrasound to determine fetal size.

Today was my ultrasound. I am 36 weeks 2 days, and have 3 weeks 5 days until my due date.

According to google, the average fetal size at 36 weeks is 5.78 pounds. My unborn child is currently an estimated 8.83 pounds. During the last three weeks in the womb babies tend to gain about 1.85 pounds. Obviously my super baby has pretty intense growing power, so I imagine he’ll gain more than 1.85 pounds if he’s left to cook for another 3 weeks and 5 days as my due date would suggest.

There is roughly a 15% margin of error with these types of things. Let’s hope my baby is 15% smaller than 8.83 pounds and not 15% larger than 8.83 pounds.

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One Response to My ginormous baby

  1. Lindsay says:

    Big babies really are easier than little ones (minus the birth part). They don’t seem so delicate and they can go longer between feedings šŸ™‚ And the leg rolls are always darling šŸ™‚ They measured the twins yesterday also and apparently they both have huge heads. So not only do I have to push out one pumpkin head, but two pumpkin heads šŸ™‚

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