Five baby thoughts

  1. After our name poll, we are still no closer to picking a name. In fact, we’re even less sure of what we like now than we were before. Peter decided he didn’t like George, and I decided I didn’t like Henry. I’m really liking Franklin and Clark right now.
  2. I went to the doctor today. I’m 36 weeks, and my doc says my baby looks ginormous. I’m having an ultrasound later this week to measure him. She also said I’m 50-75% effaced.
  3. I’m so sad that I have to bring my baby home to Eastgate. This place is so gross and my poor little baby has to live here.
  4. I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant. I’m sad it will be over soon.
  5. I have almost everything I need for a baby. Everything but a name…
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5 Responses to Five baby thoughts

  1. mccall says:

    I am seriously so, so excited for you.

  2. Joni says:

    Will you have my babies? I really don’t like being pregnant. Best of luck these next few days/weeks.

  3. cyndie says:

    I like Franklin AND Clark!

  4. Lesli says:

    Oh I really like Clark Sommerkorn

  5. Lara says:

    Go you. I’m so happy your pregnancy hasn’t been lousy. I’m excited to hear what you name this baby boy…so many cute names.

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