Five Thoughts

  1. This week three big boxes arrived from my big sister full of baby clothes, blankets, and other baby supplies. I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to share.
  2. I bought myself a la-z-boy recliner. It looks ridiculous in our teeny apartment, but I don’t care. Everything about my apartment is ridiculous.
  3. Peter has been busier this semester than he’s been any other semester so far.
  4. We spent all day on Saturday at a birthing class. It was very good and worthwhile.
  5. I asked Peter what he was going to do if I die during childbirth. He said he’d already looked up the statistics on that and has decided odds are good that I’ll live.
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6 Responses to Five Thoughts

  1. cyndie says:

    That’s what I like about Peter. He is always prepared.

  2. Lesli says:

    I was worried about the same thing, when we were pregnant the first time. It has set up us for a healthy marriage of talking about the worst case scenario. Seriously though I recently read couple that talk about the possibility of death and other worst case scenarios have stronger marriages. Who knows if its causation or correlation. Probably the latter.
    Are you hoping to have a drug free labor? Or do you just want to be prepared? I’ve always thought you mom has great advice on preparing for drug free labors.

  3. Amy says:

    Weeks before I gave birth I wrote an updated will, had it signed, notarized, the works. Then I proceeded to explain all details of it to Barry so he’d understand my wishes. He thought the whole thing was silly. I can’t help it, I’m a planner! 🙂

  4. mom says:

    Hooray for big sisters and husbands who plan:)

  5. Donna Julian says:

    I had a “little sister” who was very loving and generous and handed down loads of baby stuff to me. Your mother-in-law (good ole Susie) clothed my son for the first couple of years via hand-me downs. I was SO grateful!! (-:

  6. Lara says:

    Yay for hand me downs! Seriously the best.

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