Six Thoughts

  1. I wonder how many facebook friends and blog readers I’ve lost this summer because of all my annoying Europe posts.
  2. We attended an FC Basel soccer match a few days before we left Switzerland. Very fun!
  3. We are back in America now. Our apartment is freezing, just because it can be.
  4. My first three priorities when I got back were getting my eyebrows done, getting a pedicure, and getting my hair done. All three are done!
  5. We had a goodbye bbq on the Rhine River in Basel with all the rest of the Switzerland LGOs. We ate brats, baguettes, and potato salad. So good, and so fun.
  6. When I got home I opened my fridge to discover that my friend had left me a homemade chocolate pie! It was amazing.
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2 Responses to Six Thoughts

  1. anna says:

    One of my favorite restaurants here is called LGO. Obviously totally different than the LGO acronymn you’re using. I’m not sick of your Europe posts. Maybe jealous, but mostly excited that you got to do so many awesome things.

  2. $ says:

    Welcome home! Still reading. Doubt you’ve lost any readers, as we’re all too busy watching your amazing baby bump and staying tuned until said bump makes an exterior appearance in adorable photos. Can’t wait.

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