The bebbi sagg

The trash system in Switzerland is so frustrating. The trash collectors will only pick up a special blue bag, called a “bebbi sagg”. Here are my problems with the bebbi sagg system:

  1. The medium size bag (35 liters, about 70% the size of a tall kitchen trash can) costs just over $2.50/each (a Glad tall kitchen bag in America is about $0.20/each, and you can get the store brand for as low as $0.09/each). To be fair, you don’t have to pay a service fee to the city in Switzerland, which you do in America.
  2. Switzerland is basically forcing me to think about every piece of trash I generate, which reminds me of Portland, and makes me hate them.
  3. When you have a large item, such as a pizza box, the only option is to smash it as small as you can stuff it in a bebbi sagg. A pizza box takes up lots of space in a bebbi sagg, so when I get a pizza, I have to figure the price of the bebbi sagg into the price of the pizza.
  4. When you have stinky trash, there is no option but to keep it in your apartment until trash day. The trash is picked up twice a week, so you wouldn’t think this would be a problem. But let’s say you cut up a watermelon the day you start a new bebbi sagg. Do you want your watermelon rind sitting in the bottom of your trash can until you fill the entire bebbi sagg? No. But is a stinky apartment worth the cost of another bebbi sagg? Maybe.
  5. I hate that I spend any brain power at all thinking about when/how to throw things away. Trash should be brainless.
  6. In order to recycle you have to bundle your recyclables with string or it won’t be taken, and recycle pickup is only once a month. They only pick up cardboard and paper, so glass and plastic items must be carried to the nearest recycle bin, a seven minute walk from my apartment. Ya right am I going to keep all my spaghetti jars sitting around in my tiny apartment and then lug them to the recycle bin. Not happening.
  7. Apparently some people end up taking trash to work with them as to avoid the bebbi sagg system. I’ve even started taking small amounts of stinky trash (fruit, leftovers, etc) up the block and putting it in the small city trash can on the corner. How ridic is that?!

Stupidest. System. Ever.

America rules!

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4 Responses to The bebbi sagg

  1. This does seem a bit inconvenient, but your quote about thinking about every piece of trash you create just MIGHT be the intended effect.
    While this system is perhaps a bit extreme, what do you think a happy medium might look like–somewhere between the American system and what you are experiencing in Switzerland?

    And now, a tangential question: Did you hate Sweden as much as you hated Portland and now hate Switzerland?

  2. sommerkorn says:

    CLEARLY the idea is to think about every piece of trash you create.

    Despite the fact that I hate this system, I do not hate living in Switzerland at all. Nor did I hate Sweden at all. It is true that I did not enjoy my time in Portland, but hate is a strong word.

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