Normandy, France

After a short Paris trip, we met up with Peter’s mom (Susie) and sister (Katie). Katie is pregnant with her fifth child (a boy), due one day after I’m due. I’m pretty big compared to her. I wonder how much of our size difference is due to our drastically different body shapes, and how much is due to my excessive croissant eating.

The four of us rented a car and drove to Normandy. Peter has been looking forward to this trip ever since he got to Europe. He is pretty interested in WWII, and history in general. I was less excited about this trip because I was worried there would be too many museums involved. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend Normandy to anyone.

Day one: Drove to Giverny so I could see Monet’s Garden (one of my favorite childhood books was Linnea in Monet’s Garden and I’ve always wanted to see it), continued driving and stopped at a cookie factory for free samples of butter cookies, drove to Mont Saint Michele (an island commune), walked through the “town” and up to the abbey, toured the abbey at night during their special evening show including spooky music and dancing cartoon devils and skeletons on the walls, drove to Bayeux and stayed in a renovated chateau in the countryside that was built in 1100, ate ratatouille for dinner

Day two: Ate an awesome breakfast cooked by the innkeeper who is a retired Parisian chief, saw the Bayeux Tapestry, went on a Overlord tour that included D-Day sites Longues-sur-Mer Battery, Omaha Beach, American Cemetery of Colleville, and Pointe du Hoc, went back to Bayeux and visited the Bayeux Cathedral, ate gratin potatoes with camembert cheese and creme brulee for dinner

Day three: Ate croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast, went to Mulberry Harbor at Arromanches and watched a 360 degree movie about D-Day, went to Le Cambe German Cemetery, went to Utah Beach were Susie, Katie and Peter went to a boring D-Day museum while I ate a cheese omelet at an outdoor cafe (I obviously had more fun than they did), drove back to Paris with two bathroom breaks at rest stops where the bathrooms were nothing but holes in the ground (I looooooove America!!)

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2 Responses to Normandy, France

  1. lehuntzin says:

    Oh I was wish I was eating an excessive amount of croissants, especially good croissants made in the right Continent.

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