Five Thoughts

  1. I think it should be a rule that if you use a landscape picture for your fb cover photo you have to have been to the location.
  2. Bach Pad is going to be insane-o this season judging by Ed’s behavior in the premier. Jillian must be soooo glad she dodged that bullet. So far Ed is my favorite since he’s the most entertaining. He had me laughing out loud. And seriously, Chris? You are lame. Proof that Emily made the right decision.
  3. I pay $5.10/each to have Peter’s shirts cleaned, but the cleaner is terrible. I feel totally ripped off. Too bad they are the only cleaner in the neighborhood and I’m not about to lug heavy laundry across town.
  4. I love America.
  5. Is it cool right now for teenagers to wear black crew socks with shorts? I’ve seen in on tv a few times and it looks ridic. I really hope that isn’t a thing.
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4 Responses to Five Thoughts

  1. Linz says:

    Bachelor Pad is going to be awesome. And after watching the first episode, Jay and I decided that we really hope our twins are boys. Haha! Those girls are super annoying. As for Ed? Oh my word. He is a riot. What an immature idiot. He is going to be fun to watch. He will probably win just out of sheer dumb luck.

  2. $ says:

    I’m wearing black crew socks and shorts right now! Just kidding. I did stand behind a girl in the Quick Check who was buying her special Camels for $11.12 a pack (holy cow!). She had on five inch velvet booties with cut out toes, black Daisy Dukes with black nylons (not tights), and a blue cropped see-through t-shirt with a black bra underneath (it was a really long line). Oh yeah and a nose ring. Not the little diamond stud in one nostril, an actual ring between the two nostrils like a matador’s worst nightmare. That’s what the kids these days are wearing! But she must have been over 18 because she was asked for ID and passed with flying colors. Love your “thoughts” posts, as usual.

  3. cyndie says:

    Why don’t you wash his shirts by hand? Call me on Skype and I’ll give you a lesson!

  4. Amy says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m officially too old to know “cool” when I see it anymore, but I can tell you when Barry’s teenage nephew came to EFY and stayed with us a few nights, we went hunting the mall for those black Nike socks. He was on a mission to find them! As he paid over $20 for the pack of 6, Barry and I were chuckling on the other side of the store about how silly it looks enjoying the fact that we no longer feel the pressures of being a trendy teenager. How exhausting it must be!

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